two easy-fix bugs and a load of links :)

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 23:42, Luis Villa wrote:
I'm sort of in a hurry tonight, unfortunately. The bugs from last week
that are still open:

> 4) Lots of apps don't have help menus that work; a complete list is
> here:

Still a problem; Wipro is working on it.

> 6) gdialog needs lots of little bits of love; see for example 

Still true :/ If someone volunteers to rewrite the man page to more
accurately document the problem, this would probably be helpful.

> 8) It's getting late, so instead of finding three more bugs, I'll end
> with this list:

This list is still valid, as is:

This list of 17 'easy-fix' GNOME2 bugs. Developers: please add this
keyword to bugs that are easy but which you don't have time for.
Newbies: go to them :)

Finally, a list of links to gnome hacking resources for newbies:

It's never to late to get involved if you've got just a little C skill
or patience. Good luck and happy hacking-

P.S. FIXED! are the following from last week:

> 1) two commands use same keyboard shortcut:

Doh! Fixed.

> 2) possibly slightly more advanced: file type capplet needs to be
> converted to instant apply:

Jody got this one.

> 3) font capplet isn't HIG compliant. Might not even be valid anymore?

No longer relevant.

> 5) Panel properties needs UI love-

Someone went ahead and fixed this :)

> 7) keynav in logout dialogue is broken:
> [Note that this might
> not be all that easy- I'm taking a stab at it ;)

Glynn and Jacob fixed this. Cherry-pickers. ;)

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