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This ended up in private mail, but it's going to the list now.
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On 23 Sep 2001 10:39:54 -0700, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Here are some replies that went to the gnome-hackers mailing list.
> BTW, what email address should we be using?  The one associated with
> your cvs account doesn't work (I think it's @123india.com)
> 	Greg
I am sorry about my old email address. It was broken when the
123india.com people started to fully commertialize their web portal. Is
there a way to change my email address associated with cvs? My proper
email is kh_naba users sourceforge net 

As for the second module (anjuta2), my straight thought was from the
existing dual modules in the cvs (many projects started a different
modules for the same projects). So naturally, my first instinct was to
create a new one rather than to go for branching, especially for a big
rewrite. I have absolutely no objection to use a branch instead of a
separate module.

Well, I think anybody wishing to start a new module would make the same
mistake and straight way go for an import (like the recent glimmer2
import). To avoid these in future, a script at the import time can check
if any new modules are being imported in the cvsroot and accourdingly
told that the cvsmasters be contacted to import a new module in the
cvsroot. Unless, of course, a better way to handle this could be

Also, before we consider shifting the module, I need to talk to the gIDE
people about a possible merge of gIDE and anjuta in the forthcoming
re-write. If this talk results in a complete merge of the two, then
having  a separate module for the combined projects makes more sense
than to branch it in either anjuta or gIDE.

Dave Camp is busy with the ximiam trying to meet a deadline, so I could
not commense a discussion with him right now. May be in this week he
should be able to spare some time for this discussion.

There obviously will be some commits from my side in anjuta2 before we
settle to a possible architecture for the merge. If these commits can
make things difficult later, then I do suggest that we immidiately
transfer it into the branch, otherwise, this module may me considered as
the merge of the two and left as it is in the cvs for persuing the
combined development.


> On Wed, 2001-09-19 at 07:54, Carlos Perell=F3 Mar=EDn wrote:
> > Why don't use CVS tags instead two modules?
> I talked with naba about this briefly on IRC right after I saw this
> commit, but wanted to make this discussion in a larger forum. =20
> There need to be some VERY good reasons for making a new module for a
> new version of an existing module.  If every project were to make a new
> module every time there was a new major version of that project, or of
> the gnome environment, before very long our CVS would become even more
> of a wasteland littered with dead CVS modules with strange names.  Even
> major changes to a project's infrastructure can be made in a CVS
> branch/revision/tag.  If you don't know how to make CVS do this for you,
> there's a cvsmaster gnome org alias, which gets to the people who run
> the CVS server for gnome, and they can help you out with CVS questions.=20
> I'd like to hear the rationale behind making a new module, and if it
> makes sense, get this new module converted into a branch of the original
> anjuta module.
> 	Greg


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