Re: API change for g_get_current_dir() (#59703)

On Mon, 10 Sep 2001, Alex Larsson wrote:

> g_get_current_dir() currently returns "/" on failure. This is quite 
> broken, since that is also a valid correct return value. I dicusssed this 
> a bit woth owen, and we think that the best solution is to add a GError to 
> the function. Then we would return NULL and set the GError on error.
> The advantage of this is that it breaks the compilation of any code that 
> uses this function, whereas just returning NULL on error would cause apps 
> to segfault.
> This will cause a bit of breakage though, g_get_current_dir() is 
> references in about 80 files according to lxr.
> Do people have strong opinions on this?

yes, changing the prototype is a very bad option
i'd think. you might consider adding another function
that handles the error case if people really need

> / Alex


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