Re: Default directory for saving screenshots.

On dim, 2001-09-09 at 13:12, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Malcolm Tredinnick <malcolm commsecure com au> writes:
> > I guess my point is: if you're going to essentially "hide" the images
> > from an 'ls' listing, please make it very easy for _all_ users to find
> > out where the images went (the "directory to save images in" preference
> > tells you this if you notice it).
> Which brings us to this old why is ~/.gnome-desktop a dot directory and
> not something like ~/GNOME-Desktop or ~/Desktop ....

I think ~/Desktop would be a good choice, since it is already used by
KDE folks.. Another step to KDE/GNOME collaboration :))

Frédéric Crozat

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