Great computer book

Some of you might remember that when I first joined the Gnome community
after Eazel was founded, I strongly recommended the programming book
_Refactoring_. I still highly recommend that book.

I just read a book that I recommend nearly as highly, although the book was
written in 1979! After a couple of years experience with the Gnome project,
I think it would be extremely useful if some of the more knowledgeable and
intelligent members of our community would read this book.

The book is called _The Art of Software Testing_, and was written by
Glenford J. Myers. I learned *so* much from this book, and I have lots of
experience with the software release process.

I can't recommend this book highly enough. The book was written in a
different era of computing, so the examples seem rather quaint. But most
everything in there still applies today. So if you're a careful reader,
you'll get plenty from reading this thing.

Sadly, the book is rather expensive.

    -- Darin

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