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On 04Nov2001 12:59PM (+0100), Mathias Hasselmann wrote:
> 	Well. So let's hack nautilus to support volume labeling and let's
> encourage the distributors to use the volumen labeling feature during
> installation. Well and then we still have this chance:
> 	printf(..., *volume_name ? volume_name : device_name);
> 	Where device name would be something like /dev/hda1 or
> "first volume on the first $model_name harddisk". The model name would be
> in /proc/ide/hda/model on lnx boxes. Guess the "real" Unices have similiar
> capabilities. Maybe we need a small library here.

The mountpoint (e.g. "/usr/local") is likely to be more clear to the
user than the device name, when one exists (either currently set or in
/etc/fstab for unmounted drives). I suggested this in my original

I suppose sometimes the user may want to interact with a volume that
which is neither mounted nor listed in the fstab. In that case, the
device name is as meaningful as line noise to a non-expert. The model
and volume number won't help much either, because most people don't
know these things (I sure don't).

It may be better to just say "the volume" in this case rather than say
something more specific but in arcane computerspeak.

Boy are we off on a tangent!

 - Maciej

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