Selected colors [Re: Any lefties around?]

Larry Ewing <lewing ximian com> writes:

> On Sat, 2001-11-03 at 15:35, Ville Pätsi wrote:
> > I'm righthanded, and I do it all the time. Not the current line though,
> > but the paragraph I'm reading, it isn't necessarily a full paragraph,
> > and I change/redo the selection every few seconds. This only happens
> > when I have the mouse in my hand and I don't have anything to click with
> > it. If I'm unable to highlight, I just move the cursor around, beyond my
> > eye focus. It's impossible for me to hold a mouse and hold it still. I'm
> > having actually trouble now because of it, since highlight is broken in
> > evolution. When text is selected, the bg color changes but the text
> > color doesn't, like in any other gtk+ program. And since black isn't
> > really visible on dark blue, I can't see the text I'm reading.
> > 
> Actually it does change the text color.  It just changes it to
> text[SELECTED] rather than fg[SELECTED] and your theme dosen't specify a
> sane value for text[SELECTED].  Now why on earth the gtk text widgets
> draw normal text as text[NORMAL] on base[NORMAL] but selected text as
> fg[SELECTED] on bg[SELECTED] I have never been able to figure out.  Now
> I'm willing to make gtkhtml and e-text follow that same broken
> convention if someone can explain to me even the slightest reason for
> it.  Until that happens, if I were you, I'd fix your theme to put
> something other than black in text[SELECTED].

Well, the color[STATE] assigments are basically arbitrary - we'd have
had to rework the state system a lot to make things "sensible"

So, given that, I think it's more important to follow what other
widgets do than to do what "makes sense".

In GTK+-2.0, the text and list widgets do indeed draw the selection
as text[SELECTED] on base[SELECTED]

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