Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action)

> If we want to eliminate trolling, well, there is a very easy solution
> - turn on moderation of comments. If people would like this, then they
> could help it happen by volunteering to assist with moderation.

Didn't work for /.
Won't work for us.

> More intricate solutions are possible. I suggested several weeks ago
> that we probably should require an account with an emailed password
> for posting, though that would require implementation. (Various
> people followed up to object to the idea.) 

I have no objection.

> In any case, I think having a news site, whether there are comments or
> not on it, is a good thing, and turning it off would look bad
> for GNOME.

Turn off commenting, work out what should be an article and everything
will be good (possibly).


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