Re: UI Guidelines: Dialogs (2nd draft)

> >   and not
> >     x: _______
> >     width: _______
> >     [blue | red | green | yellow]
> > 
> >   (this sounds like a small detail, but it makes applications look
> >   much slicker and more "professional", and that in turn increases
> >   users' confidence)
> While I agree that this is a good thing, I don't think it belongs in
> the dialogs section. What I'd like to have would be a general design
> and layout section covering this sort of thing.

Making an obvious cross-reference would be good, though, in case someone's
being lazy and reading only the dialog design docs. :)

> Do people use window managers that display a title in dialogs? Should
> we be using them?

Some do, some don't.   Many WMs allow you to set it as an option...

> The Sawfish theme I'm using at the moment doesn't.

...including SawFish. :)

In the "Appearance" setup for Sawfish (where you pick your theme and
font), there's a checkbox labeled:

  "Decorate dialog windows similarly to application windows."


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