Re: VERY cool UI fix (long but hopefully interesting)

>> actually fitt's law applies to large screens. anything within an arm's
>> length is good to go. i hate how gnome doesnt use the edges. eargghhh!

>> adam kramer

>Even more annoying is that there is a panel properties option to make
>all panel icons flush with the edge of the panel (and hence with the
>edge of the screen, if you have it docked)-- which works for drawers and
>launchers, but not all applets (e.g. the mixer applet, which still
>leaves a pixel gap between itself and the edge of the screen).


I played with this once.. Had the same troubles but scanned the "component"
for widgets that wasn't containers and bounced the pointer into that area
given some rules. It works but it is a bit ugly.

Perhaps something similar could be done with force feedback.

This was done as an experiment to speed up traversal into a toolbar placed
at the left edge of the screen. It speeds up the traversal by giving the
user a reasonable time to adjust for hight while at the same time he can
forget about any horisontal adjustments. As I recollect it was much faster
than a traditional toolbar with a mouse. A rollerball wasn't that much faster.

The menubar has the same kind of problem, it is slightly bigger than the
buttons. You also have the additional window borders.

John Blad

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