Re: VERY cool UI fix (long but hopefully interesting)

Yes, you are right about Fitt's Law.... I was trying to simplify it and ended
up muddying it for people who know what it is :-)

So how would the CORBA thing work?  Is that the basic mechanism that gnome and
Bonobo is using?  Everything being simply a  container where one does not have
to follow the rules of X sounds really cool;  finally we could get rid of X's
weirdnesses and have an integrated desktop...

Is anyone working on this? Is this a reality already?

Ken Fox wrote:

> delmar watkins writes:
> > What is the closest thing on a screen?  The edge, because you don't
> > have to slow down or navigate to hit it
> Actually the "edge" is the biggest thing on the screen for the same
> reasons you state. The closest thing on the screen is the pixel under
> the mouse.
> > As far as coding goes, it would require simply that hitting the edge
> > with the mouse would mean triggering an event:  maybe even mapping it to a
> > keypress, which would then do some action.
> It's not quite that easy because of focus policy. If the window manager
> is obeying focus-follows-mouse then what application gets the edge-flip
> event? This is the same problem that screen-edge menubars and applets
> have -- they can be used to extend applications, but moving the mouse to
> them makes the "current" application ambiguous.
> Somebody mentioned using an active focus timeout to give the user time
> to move onto an applet before the focus changed. That's a good idea.
> It could be combined with sloppy-focus-follows-mouse (where the focus
> only changes if the mouse moves someplace where the focus is useful) and
> a focus-follows-mouse that activates the timer when the mouse stops
> moving.
> Anyways, rather than an X event, it might be nice to use CORBA. The same
> mechanism could be used to send CORBA messages from external menubars,
> applets, etc. Conceptually it turns the whole desktop into a container app
> with the "real" apps operating like plug-ins.
> - Ken
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