Re: Gnome/Mozilla for an Internet Cafe

jroland roland net (2001-08-02 at 0955.49 -0500):
> My other problem is that the damn browser (Mozilla again) refuses to run
> (maybe gnome itself) because it can't write to the home directory, which I
> would love to deny write priviledges to the guest account.  I'm using
> Mozilla mainly because it's newer and has a decent look & feel, but it's
> proving impossible to configure the way I want at the OS-level.  I've been
> able to kludge certain settings with javascript thus far.

Allow write all they want under $HOME, and in each logout, nuke the
dir and copy a new default one over it. No need to mess with Mozilla,
do it with the login system (GDM, ie).

You should also investigate PAM and other OS level systems that are
designed to control how the machine behaves.


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