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Jared Spool has done some research, and finds that a button called 
"Tips" is much more likely to be chosen than Help.  I think the reason 
is the same as given for Explain; people have certain expectations 
about what help will provide, and both Tips and Explain imply 
different types of information 


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|On Thu, Nov 16, 2000 at 10:19:39AM +0100, Blad, John Erling wrote:
|> >The point being that
|> >perhaps some people see asking for help as an admission of defeat.
|> Good point.. "Help" is more or less standardized, is there any good
|> ideas out there how to make it less obvious that the user is asking
|> for help? That is "offering some advice" instead.
|The suggestion in the book I read was "Explain", and I have always
|liked that.  I am not saying, let's change all Help menus to Explain
|menus, though, brcause I don't think that's enough.
|The documentation would have to be written with the idea that the
|computer is at fault for being too difficult to use, too.
|I'm not sure how one would do that in practice...
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