Re: User interface suggestions

> Do they change as they are used? What will you tell a user when he
> asks why an icon changed its font "magically"? Surprise. We have
> people that find icon changes weird, imagine then: "My CDROM icon has
> changed name again, and now is bold font too". Does the change worth
> the surprise?

What about MS-style (Windows 2000, Windows ME) bubble-help?
 I.e. if the features is activated for the first time a speech-bubble
appears, telling something like

"Why has my icon suddenly turned bold?
Gnome automatically detects your favorite items.
If you use an item a lot it will turn bold so you can spot it easily."

About theme support: There should be an option in the theme-definition to
define what "frequently used" items should look like (bold face, color,
italics, ...).

Michael Beurskens

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