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>>IRC channels? I don't belive this will work. They (users) will get an
>>but not within acceptable time limits. It could allthough be used as a
>>to build initial frameworks for a better help system.

If it is a channel designated for Help, with individuals alerted when a new
query comes in, then it can be a quick enough system.  If a rotation is
worked out so that the designated help person answers immediately, then it
should work.

>>Seems like it is necessary to use a translation engine or rewrite engine
>>change words and even insert paragraphs as the user is more or less

I agree that a 'knowledge level' translation setting would be interesting,
would work well with Evolution and Nautilus user level settings...

>Perhaps... Imagine some kind of web-faq where qualified persons could
>fill in answares to questions collected from help systems.. With sections
>keywords, different languages, different skill levels..

The help system could be presented in different formats, the FAQ format as
above, or a web knowledge base, etc.

My primary interest is to make the help system as usable as possible to
newbies and expert users, and to gather most of the relevant information
into one place, so that one doesn't have to web search for a FAQ on some
narrow topic...

Tom M.
TomM pentstar com

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