Re: Menus

[snip configurable menu idea]
Yes, that is what I mean.

> In fact this working solution you could see in M$ Office 97! Or in
> M$ Developer Studio 97 (or 98).

For some reasons I do not use M$ when I can prevent it. So I didn't
know they already had it! (partially, then) One reason more to put it
into Gnome (sidestep to another discussion: I think we should define
the Gnome UI as a solid model, then use from other UI's what we can

[snip cut-and-paste your own menus-&-toolbars]

> In fact to me this looks like [almost] ideal solution of problem but
> this crashes :-(( It's possible to do sich thing reliable at all ?
> If answer is "yes" then it's will be [almost] ideal solution. And if
> toolbar will be "dockable" not only to sides of main window but to
> sides of screen as well you'll be able to get Macintosh style if
> you'll wish...

Of course the answer is ``Yes''. It is a very heavy configuration for
a complete set of applications (define ``comlete'' later). It will
require careful study to see what an application can change in the
configuration (if an application can configure itself, it will need a
button (or anything configurable) for that). Also, it might be wise to
have an additional application for configuration (global config,
primarily), which in turn will configure itself. There will have to be
default configurations.

The task is not trivial, but definitely feasible.

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