Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

On 20 May 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

> Bowie> B) Tying it to /proc, although the most obvious solution, may
> Bowie>    not be the best in the long run due to the fact that /proc
> Bowie>    (or even /proc equivalents) do not exist on other platforms.
> You can't use /proc because it isn't network-transparent.
> People can, and frequently do, run X applications over the network.

I'll refrain from writing any replies to that assertion until you can tell
me whether or not you've actually read the initial proposal in detail. If
you'll pardon me for saying, it seems to me that you haven't. We've
already moved past this point in the course of discussing the initial

For GNOME's purposes, reliance upon /proc (or a /proc daemon) is out of
the question since it breaks portability between platforms. Other OS's
have /proc equivalents, where still others dont even have anything
resembling /proc at all.

Bowie J. Poag

> Tom


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