Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

>all situations which require monitoring by the user. Simply rendering a
>miniature of the window would be a mistake, imho.
>I see what you're saying, though.. To have additional indicators, like pie
>charts for FTP transfers, coexisting with stationary lamps within a
>window. I like the idea, but I fear it may be redundant.

Redundant? No.
Progress bar tells you how much has been done. Color tells you the speed,
reports errors, reconnects or something similar. Without color the user
stills gets the info, but he has to wait some time and deduce the speed.

Instead of getting one direct idea, percentage (and mentally "computing",
speed), you get two ideas with one look.I am not scared of seeing lot of
info. The more info I have (until a threshold limit, of course) the better.

Do not tie to a single solution. Maybe combo-solutions are better.
I see the color reactiveness as an improvement of what GUIs do. DO not
change GUI ways, just add. If hay have to choose one, I prefer bars (legacy,
nor color paletter problems, etc), but I am totally free, both, bars and colors.


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