Re: A Proposal For The Addition Of Color-Reactiveness To The GNOME Desktop

Rob Browning:
> And there are other issues here.  What about color-blind people?  For
> them, color choices are crucial, and physical indications are often
> superior to color changes.  I'm just making the point that thinking
> that you can anticipate *everyone's* needs and then imposing decisions
> on them when you don't have to is a form of pointless controlling.
> With UIs I'd say encourage a standard rather than enforcing it.

As a color-blind person I was going to ask those questions. I hate
that feeling of being disabled. Last time it happend when KDE device
icons had red/green indicators for mount/unmount state. Concerning
standart, it is possible to make it sutable for the most common color
vision abnormality (protanomals -- people with reduced sensitivity to
the red) that affects 1-2% of male population. It is impossible to
cater to all types.


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