"More beating of the dead horse of detachable menubars..."

Thinking about the detachable menubar idea, it occurred to me that global
options for such things would be nice... I guess as a subset of themes.
You'd want, for example, a 'lock menubars' options for those crotchety
old men like me who get annoyed accidentally dragging a menubar out of
its place, an another option (which would go nicely with NeXTStep-themed
widgets) to locate and lock the menubar vertically in the top left corner
so that it makes a NeXT-like menu system; maybe also the Mac-like theme
already mentioned, etc.

Dein Wil
W. Reilly Cooley, Esq.                   Schöner Götterfunken 
cooleyw@reed.edu                             wcooley@navi.net

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