Re: Apply, Close... (Re: gnome-stock pixmaps)

>> Convention != Right
>> Law != Justice
>Interesting choice of words.  Scientifically
>speaking, a law is an apparent universal truth, a
>theory that is proven by experiment.  Unless you are

I was speaking about lawyers' laws and justice. Not Physics laws.
(Translation problems I think)

>willing to invest millions in useability testing to
>prove your theory, the best you can do is borrow
>someone else's research, as KDE does, or else compile
>your own set of rules, using convention as a
>guideline.  In either case you can improve on the
>model, but you cannot blatantly depart from it.

Sometimes break is need.
This sound like a revolution... breaking with the past... ;]

>The truth is that the desktop paradigm isn't all that
>intuitive for new users.  This isn't a flaw of
>windows; it's just a limitation of the model.  But
>we're stuck with it until someone invents something
>better, and I would argue that it's more important
>for Gnome-App "A" to behave more or less like
>Motif-App "B" and KDE-App "C", which are all running
>on the same desktop, than it is for Gnome to be
>consistant with the "real world".

I disagree: the objetive is to get a set of apps that work all the same way,
not to get new app that work as old ones. If the objetive is to copy old
things: why not just do clones?

>The word "Dismiss" might avoid the confusion about
>what Close does.  Remember, though: These problems
>are going to re-occur in every localization.

Yeahh, "dismiss"... in Spanish the only word I know for dismiss is really
funny: "Retirese" (militar).


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