Re: Conceptual models (was: Re: Detachable menubar idea)

On 4 May 1998, Russell Nelson wrote:

> Ben 'The Con Man' Kahn writes:
>  > 	This is a great idea...  Unless you don't use click to focus.  (I
>  > know I don't.)  Well...  Then it should work with auto-raise.  Unless you
>  > don't use it...
> Right, which I don't.  So, if you want gnome to work this way, why not
> program the application to map and unmap menus as the application gets
> and loses focus?  Or is this wrong, and too obvious?

This will not work very well when you move your mouse pointer across the
screen. This will lead to an immense amout of flashing as windows (menus) 
get mapped and unmapped. 

Also, when you have dragged the menu to somewhere on your screen (outside
the main app window) how do you get to it? When you move your mouse
pointer outside the main app window it loses focus and the dragged-off
menus will be unmapped.  Oh bugger... 

Per Lewau ( of Computer Science at the 
				University of Linkoping, 
"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?"
						- Hobbes

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