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> Bowie Poag wrote:
> > <Stuff about "About" snipped>
> >
> > A simple little Gnome Footprint present in the menu bar of each apps
> > window would do the trick nicely, at first thought. I'm open to
> > suggestions. Even yours, Tom. ;) hee
> > 
> I think it would be bad to over-use the GNOMEprint in such a fashion. It
> already has a use, which is to signify menus/drawers on the panel.
> "About" should stay under help, because (1) that is where it has always
> been, and (2) knowing the copyright and version info is a form of
> "Help." Besides, do we have to flaunt convention simply because we can?
> M.Watson <>;

I tried to respond to this earlier, having a small problem with webmail.
However, I agree to the idea of a GNOME menu.  I also agree with the
concern for the overuse of the footprint.  Too much of a good thing is
never good.  My alternative to the footprint is a miniaturized version
of the GNOME logo on the main web page.  This would solve three problems:
aestheticly not overusing the foot, a larger point of entry, and less
ambiguity over the purpose of the menu.

Your point about "flaunting convention" is a good point, and something
that we really do need to be careful about; however, I think this is a
useful solution.  By keeping application preferences and "About..." boxes
in the GNOME menu, you have a logical separation of purpose.  We also
need to be careful about holding to tradition because it's what we're
used to.  Once you get the feel of that type of thing, you won't want to
go back to the old way of doing things.  Remember, we would not be the
only people using this new convention.

I do have to interject here: please, do not overuse this idea and try to
implement a "document" menu in the same fashion.  That would only serve
to confuse the user (aka anything by Microsoft after 1997).

The GNOME menu is a nice extension of convention, not a reinvention of
convention.  Try saying that 10 times fast ;D.

"If you're lusting for ham and eggs, you've already
committed breakfast in your heart." -C.S. Lewis

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