Re: Standard fonts.

On Fri, 31 Jul 1998, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> I've just decided the *single ugliest* part of X is, undoubtedly, the
> butt-ugly fonts.  I think we have two choices for GNOME:
> 1)  Use the one piece of code Microsoft appears to have released
> semi-publically:  Microsoft Web Fonts.  Verdana, Georgia, Times New Roman,
> and Arial are *good* fonts, and are in fact quite a bit more attractive than
> the standard fonts I've seen on any other OS.
> 2)  Find a font designer to provide us with high quality serif, sans serif,
> non-proportional, and special case fonts.
> Yes, this is a GNOME issue.  Yes, these need to be truetype fonts.
> I think this is absolutely critical, without a doubt in my head.

On a related note:

Is there *any* way to provide text anti-aliasing in X? It's one of the
things I miss the most about the BeOS.

Windows has it too (though it isn't done as well IMO) and Mac OS 8.5 will,
so that puts Linux/X/GNOME behind the curve.

Tim Moore

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