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On Fri, Jul 31, 1998 at 05:05:34PM +0200, Tom Vogt wrote:
> Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
> > I've just decided the *single ugliest* part of X is, undoubtedly, the
> > butt-ugly fonts.  I think we have two choices for GNOME:
> we need truetype fonts, simple as that. wasn't there an X truetype
> fontserver around somewhere?

Check out Freetype provides a very usable bsd-ish
type license truetype rendering engine.

There are also some other truetyp fontservers. See the URL below. Freetype
looks in my eyes best though...

There's a patch for xfs (X font server) to support truetype at:

I've made a XFree86 (S)RPM for that beast. (Based on the redhat one). It
works ok. Only thing is that it needs the fontserver to recognize truetype
fonts, without xfs it doesn't work (at least for as far as I could check).
I was planning to look into that some day make a patch maybe..

A related thing maybe... vflib:

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