Re: A couple ruminations on GUI design

Dan Kaminsky <> wrote:
>     1)  We only have *ONE* chance at this.

DON'T play on people's fears. leave that to M$ marketing, please.

>     2)  Flame wars, rebel style guides, c'mon folks, we're trying to advance
> the state of the industry, not relive 3rd grade :-)  *EVERYBODY* agrees that
> the development should be open.  The disagreement involves *WHEN* to open it
> up.
and HOW.

I don't have a problem leaving bowie and you to do it your way. why do you
have a problem leaving us doing it our way?

> falling into anarchy.  What Tom doesn't realize is this is *really* the same
> thing Bowie wants--Bowie just wants to have a little bit more framework set
> up first, to prevent redundancy and inclarity.

I realize in full. there is a small, but fundamental difference in
approaches, and INSTEAD of going into a flame war, I decided to just go down
and do some work. I'm prepared to face the truth that I was wrong and all
the work is wasted, but not before I tried.

so let's live in peace happily ever after and just get the work done.
everyone his way.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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