Re: Proposal for First Draft of GNOME Style Guide 1.1

I agree.  I kind of crinkled my brow when I pasted it into my
proposal, but thought it would be better to leave any specific
changes out until the overall structure has had a chance to
stablize.  Or at least until it cools off...  (c:


Evan Lawrence wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, John R Sheets wrote:
> > Let me know what you think!
> OK, just one thing that I see carried over from v. 1.0 of the style guide
> that I had an objection to, figured now was as good a time as any to voice
> it :)
> > C3 - Document based applications should contain four menu entries
> > in the "File" menu for the last four documents opened. In the
> > event that there haven't been four documents accessed, entries
> > that have not been filled should be grayed out.
> I recently added recent-document support to gEdit to do what's described
> above, but in doing so was having a hard time finding a reason to list the
> entries that haven't been filled, so I made it such that gEdit would only
> display entries filled with documents. I also took a pseudo-poll in #gimp
> and everyone seemed to agree that their was no point in listing the as-yet
> unfilled entries. Even if I were to follow the guide, it's unclear what
> the empty entries should say, so I would suggest changing this area of the
> guide to mandate the actual position of the recent documents in the File
> menu, that they should be surrounded by separators, etc, and drop the part
> about leaving the unfilled entries.

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