Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

> Bowie Poag wrote:
> > 
> > Theres nothing "caustically sarcastic" about my telling someone to take
> > a little time out, go back, and do their homework. They should have done
> > it for themselves in the first place, before commenting.
> No, but there is something wrong about describing someone in a
> public forum as (and I quote you) :
> - a chicken with its head cut off, screaming bloody murder
> (twice)
> - some half-informed dork...full of piss and vinegar
> - half-cocked and half-informed

Oh, I see. Its my fault Maciej Stachowiak doesn't do his homework, yet
feels qualified to comment. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Nuff Said.

> There is no place in this forum for such puerile flaming.  I
> would expect that if you are to be taken seriously by the group,
> you should live up to the responsibility that you've taken on. 

Apparently I've taken on the responsibility of having to issue two copies
of whatever I say now. A copy for people who have been following the
topics covered here, and a copy for Maciej.

> A "maintainer" should be receptive to critisism and should act
> professionally, without exception.  A similar email would have
> gotten you fired in the commercial sector if you sent it to a
> coworker.  Why should the free software community be any
> different?

Absolutely. But guess what? This isnt a company, nor am I an employee of
you, or Gnome. Conversely, I'd expect that if this WERE a company, my
co-workers would have a *clue* about what we're doing, so as to never make
it necessarry to drop everything and address the unfounded criticisms in
the first place. 

> I for one, think that Maciej's comments were well-placed and
> thoughtful, and completely devoid of flame.  His points should
> have been addressed, rather than deprecating them as flame and
> attacking him personally.  His concern was simple: that the style
> guide should not become a design guide.  This point has yet to be
> addressed.

Then you must not have been following what I've said, either. Perhaps you
should take the same advice I dispensed to Maciej, as he appears to be
following it now.

I dont have a beef with peoples opinions--My beef comes in where
uninformed individuals feel the need to spout unfounded BS that is
counterproductive to the development process. Such people need to spend
less time talking, and more time reading.

This argument has already been resolved, imho.


> John

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