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| >The panel is ok, but I don't like the idea of a start menu like win95
| Why not?

See the previous mail I cleared up the misunderstanding there.

| 1)  New users are trained to use it.

OK, who do you expect is going to use GNOME? I say that most are Linux
users. Thus by making a system intended _only_ for W95/98 users we are
taking a step back.

| >Making voiced tours, wizards etc...
| Since when did Microsoft do voiced tours?  And what logic do you bring to
| the table saying that they're ineffective?

I didn't say they made voiced tours, but it is typical of something
they might have done. 

They are ineffective in the ratio : gain/disk space needed. I couldn't
give a rat's ass about people who are too lazy to look up in the
manual to find out how this and this is done rather than to expect
that there are 10Mb worth of sound files for *every* app he installs
so that he can sit back and listen to it. What I *do* care for is the
people who are concerned about they 2Gb hard disk which is suddenly
full and needs to buy another one.

I also think it will be more effective that people *do* the things
they need to do rather than to listen to it.

If we are talking about people with disabilities, that's another

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