Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide..

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> writes:
> Also, more generally, please make the style guide development process
> more open. Check in your notes, survey ideas, rough drafts, etc. While
> UI design does benefit to some degree from one or very few people
> imposing a consistent vision, I think there are many people here who
> could give a lot of great suggestions and ideas. They should get to
> add their input at all points of the process.

I agree.  The list should have more opportunity to ponder and rebut the ideas
(and syntax) that you're laying down in the Style Guide first draft.  We realize
it's rough at the moment, and will tone our comments accordingly.  But it'd sure
be nice to see _something_.

Please don't release anything to the masses until it's been hashed over here
first.  This includes the questionaires you mentioned.  If the survey results
are going to be me maximally useful, they should represent the intent of the
group as a whole.

So, when do you plan on "releasing" your notes on the style guide and the
questionaires for list perusal?  ASAP, I would hope, if you're planning on
distributing them at the IRC conferences in a couple weeks.  There's _plenty_ to
talk about before then.


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