Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide..

Bowie Poag writes:
 > I intend on preparing a few comprehensive surveys and
 > questionairres for everyone (novices and know-nothings, to
 > professionals and experts) to convey their feelings and preferences
 > regarding a few key issues.

Oh, well if you ask *me* about key issues, I'll say that the menu tree 
should be completely navigable by keyboard, and that a special
function key should be reserved for Help, and that the key with the
left-arrow in the upper-right of the keyboard should *definitely*
delete the character to the left.


 >    UI standardization is a very touchy issue with some people; Ive found
 > that generally, the less personal taste and forethought a user has, the
 > more likely they are to complain about standards. :)

What does it mean if I complain about it before it becomes a standard? :)

It's like this: I think every application should work like the Gimp
drawing window does.  Right-click gets you the top-level menu for the
associated window.  Right-click on the root gets you the WM.
Alt-right-click gets you the WM anywhere.  Why is this a good thing?
Because, once I learn gtk well enough, I'll write a pie menu module
which replaces the pop-up menu module.  Pie menus are measurably more
efficient than linear menus.  Faster to bring up, faster to navigate,
and more reliable, because overshoot is not a problem.  You can even
mouse-ahead.  And the root window can say, at the bottom, "Click the
right button for a menu".  With this, we have a windowing system where
every application implements a pie menu!  Bwahahaha!  Finally, pie
menus will have a chance to take over the world!  World domination is
in our grasp!!

Unfortunately, it means that applications have to make do with only
two mouse buttons.  But hey, the Mac only has one, so obviously it's

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