Re: Revisiting App Menu

>we already have the foot in the panel. I believe that the same icon should
>ONLY ever be used for the same purpose, not for everything remotely gnome.

Sorry.  I didn't realize the foot was already taken.  I've never actually
gotten the panel to compile, let alone run.  I totally agree that icons
should not be reused for different purposes.

However, regarding the usefulness of the flag on the Windoze start button,
pictures draw your eye faster than text.  Microsoft put the word start next
to the flag because, in usability studies, with just a flag, too many people
said, "so how do I start it?"  And with just text it was too plain, too
"3.1".  Pictures draw your eye faster, but words are easier to understand at
first.  Netscape does the same thing with their Bookmarks menu button, and
probably for the same reason.

Notice, however, that I suggested we tie this to the preferences setting
which will determine whether text, or pictures, or both, are shown on
buttons.  That way people like you who find the pictures superfluous can
have just text, and people like me who find the text obtrusive can have just
pictures.  And people who want both can have that too.

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