Re: Question about toolbars

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, A Dark Elf wrote:
> If I try to add 2 toolbars with gnome_app_create_toolbar, it will only add
> one. Is there any way to add a second one?

Don't you mean set_toolbar?

It's not designed that way; set_toolbar places the toolbar into a table
with limited slots. 

You could probably change gnome-libs to put a vbox into that slot and add
toolbars to the vbox. A more hackish but less ambitious thing is to put a
second toolbar at the top of your app contents.

I bet two toolbars would be ugly and cumbersome though. Just use menus,
and put the most common things on the toolbar.

> Also, if I tell it to be
> floating around with set_position, it doesn't work. Is this because fvwm
> isn't Gnome compliant?

Doesn't sound like something that's intended to work. Maybe another
function is supposed to be used. 

Havoc Pennington ====

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