Tear off menus

	I believe that gnome should have tear off menus.  And I believe
that most people agree with me.  All that's left is to figure out what
they should look like, and how they should act.

	There are two types of tear off menus.  There is the explicit and
the implicit type.  The explicit type has a graphic on the menu which
indicates a tear place.  An implicit menu is tearable anywhere on the menu
by performing an action.  

	An example of explicit would be a olwm or windowmaker menu.  The
menu decoration provides a place to click which detaches the menu.  The
gnome menuBAR currently is explicit.  

	An example of an impliict menu is formZ.  Just click on the menu
and drag it anywhere you want.  

	I prefer implicit menus.  I think they are less likely to confuse
new users and take less screen real estate.  I DO believe that once a menu
is torn off that it should be decorated by the WM.  (Move it, close it,
etc.)  I would also like to see the menus disappear when the application
loses focus.  (Again, that's not a good idea for focus-follow-mouse
people.)  So maybe they should appear and disappear on a delay.  (If has
focus for 10 seconds, show menu.)  

	Any comments?


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