Re: Themes Themes... Drool time?

> Well, I guess what I meant was (this could probably be gathered from the
> src) say someone writes a new theme, but only decides to do the drawing
> code in their theme and want everything else to use the default.  Is it
> a requirement that a theme .so must implement every drawing routine?

  Hmm. With 'default' drawing code no, otherwise I don't see how to
avoid it.
> >   It seems better to have a 'default' drawing code built into gtk
> > in case loading the .so fails for some reason (library corruption,
> > dodgy paths or whatever). Putting everything in .so's adds something
> > else to go wrong ;)
> good point.  Gtk should probably be able to exist on its own w/o any
> additional .so necessary.
> BTW, is it planned for the themability to be merged into the main gtk
> dist?

  I think that's the way it's heading (for 2.0). I hope so because it
would be nice if Harmony/FreeQt and gtk could speak the same themes,
at least for the pixmap 'theme' (we need to distinguish hardcoded
drawing themes and pixmap-theme subthemes somehow ;)


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