Re: more icewm stuff was: Unidentified subject!

Max Watson wrote:

> I have already volunteered (threatened?) to do the icewm mods for GNOME
> compatibility. I have been hacking on it for some time. So icewm people out

Can I see your patches? Maybe some stuff could be incorporated in my 
official release.

> there chill! You will NOT have to change window managers to get the full
> power of GNOME.

Before making any changes to any window managers, it would be nice
if gnome, kde and other projects agreed on some common set of needed
extensions (things like button/decoration hints, workspace hints,
winlist handling,
mini-icon handling could certainly be standardized).
> >icewm's homesite seems like it's down.. you can get the source from
> >
> No, it is just in Sergovia (?). It tends to go up and down a lot. Just keep
> trying it. I have emailed Marko Macek about hosting a US mirror site, but I
> got no reply.

Icewm is from Slovenia ( The link between the
and the rest of the net was down over the weekend. I don't remember
any email about a mirror site but it would be welcome of course.

... MouseDevice "/dev/null"

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