Re: Random thought...

On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Dan "Effugas" Kaminsky wrote:
> GNOME needs a *STANDARD WM*.  I assume this is going to be E.  There needs
> to be a starting point from which other WMs can grow.  I *want* other WMs to

I'm not taking a stance here or anything, but just prodding you to
elaborate a little bit.  I'm confused because in the GNOME manifesto it

        Gnome defines a set of "hints" for window managers. If you use a
Gnome aware window manager it will co-operate nicely with Gnome. If you
don't then Gnome works just fine. The "hint" interface is published in 
full for anyone to use. 
                   No religion - pick any window manager

...not that I'm saying it conflicts with what you're saying, but then
again I am not sure what you're saying.

> support GNOME, but they need to do it in a manner that extends, not
> replaces.  Docks, wharfs, panels, these are the fruits of redundancy.  I
> don't want to see "only works with Gnomemaker" or "only supported by

See, I'm confused here.  Why do you say the wm "needs" to do anything?  It
says in the GNOME Manifesto that it doesn't.  Again, I hope you can afford
the time to elaborate a bit :)


william r. tipton

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