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From: yiyus <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998 1:39 AM
Subject: Tooltips

>I had an idea about the help, though it can have some problems. I would
>to hear your opinions:
>All the aplications should have tooltips everywhere, telling you what EACH
>thing does (all the widgets: buttons, text, menus, etc). There should be
>several tooltips levels, for example novice, advanced, expert. In novice
>are continuosly reading tooltips, in advanced there are less ones, and in
>expert there are very few. You can configure the time which the tooltipe
>need to appear. And BTW: are the Gtk tooltips only text labels, or are they
>containers where you can put text, images, buttons, etc.
>This would be really pretty, but there is a big problem: a developer isn't
>going to spend very much time writing tooltips. But this could be done by
>the documentation team (if Gnome has a documentation team).
>- yiyus

My problem with tooltips is they take too much time to come up....I like
Balloon Help though.

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