[gnome-freebsd] custom Nautilus needed


Even if I'm writing from a Wingsdowz now, the main installation on this
computer is a custom FreeBSD 4.X, which manages anything on the
computer. It lacks a file manager with previews, because the graphical
environment is GTK1-based, therefore I miss the Nautilus: Nautilus 1 has
never started its propellers on FreeBSD. The system must stay clean and
homogeneous, therefore I cannot install GTK2 at the moment. I could only
install a fake Red Hat of the same period of time under
/usr/compat/linux, but I would like to try a better solution before.

I'm looking for someone who is able to start Nautilus 1 on FreeBSD 4.X.
I consider to pay for the time spent.

Please CC me. With my best regards


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