Re: 2.12 release featured in Linux Pratique September

On 9/10/05, David Neary <dneary free fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> The French magazine "Linux Pratique" has done a nice feature around the
> GNOME 2.12 release. The magazine went to the presses a couple of weeks
> ago, so unfortunately, shipping the 2.12 release wasn't possible.
> However, they decided to ship a 2.11.91 LiveCD (thanks to Marcus and
> Luis for the monster work they did making sure there were LiveCDs of
> betas) as their cover CD for September.

Great! This is the kind of coverage I'd hoped the liveCDs would
enable- much better for us than the kind of coverage press releases
the day of the release generates. We should contact the german
magazines that did guadec liveCDs and see if they want to do 2.13.91


P.S. If anyone from France is coming to Summit, I'd very, very much
love to have a copy of this and will happily compensate anyone who
brings me one. Thanks!

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