Re: testing documentation


On Sun, 2006-07-23 at 21:37 -0700, Ryan Paul wrote:
> That's a lot easier than I expected! I have run into another little
> complication though. It seems to cache the content, and when I revise it
> and open it again the changes don't appear. Is there a way to clear the
> cache or force it to reload?
> Thanks!

Yelp caches docs while still running.  If you have > 1 yelp window open
and are trying to load the document again, the cached version will be
used.  Either close all instances of Yelp, or try the (undocumented)
key-combination <ctrl>-r to reload the document, while its already
loaded.  This will force yelp to reread the file from disk.

<ctrl>-r will refresh the document.
Failing that, try closing all yelp windows and reopening the document


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