Evolution String and UI change announcement


To the gnome cvs HEAD, for the Evolution project, I have committed two
patches which will add new strings and will change the UI.

Patch #1
The new strings added are:

1) Normal
2) Proprietary
3) Secret
4) Top Secret
5) For Your Eyes Only

These strings are defined in
"evolution/widgets/misc/e-send-options.glade" file. These strings will
come in the Send-options dialog that arrives when the user selects,
Insert->Send Options, while composing a mail. Earlier it used to display
three other strings instead of the above mentioned 5 strings. This is
the UI change.

Patch #2
The new strings added are:

1) Retract Mail
2) Message retracted successfully
3) Message retract failed
4) The server did not allow the selected message to be retracted.

The corresponding UI change is: A new menu-item "Retract Mail" is added
to the right-click menu of an item on a GroupWise "Sent Items" folder.
Based on the completion of the operation, a dialog pops out with either
#2 or #4 of the above messages. In case of #4, the dialog title will be

The strings are defined in:
"evolution/plugins/groupwise-features/mail-retract.c" and

Please get back to me in case of any clarifications. CC me in the


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