GNOME on VMware (was : admiting to our flaws)

Hi :o)

[cut, snip wazoo ; several people I reply to]

> > Karderio couldn't replicate the Ataxx bug on his own
> > computer, and
> > mentioned that it could be specific to my
> > distribution. 
> The Ataxx developer has added a note to the wiki page
> to say that the bug has been fixed for the next
> version.
> Hooray for docs on the wiki!

Cool, I'll start hacking on scripts to automate changing docs on the
wiki somewhat.

> I have noticed
> > that the screenshot of Ataxx on the GNOME Live wiki
> > (apparently added
> > yesterday) shows at least one feature that isn't in
> > the version that I
> > used while writing the documentation. Should I get
> > the latest version
> > from cvs and update the documentation accordingly as
> > I am rewriting it
> > in docbook format?
> If you're comfortable compiling an app yourself, sure.
> However, this is not something that's expected of
> documentation writers (I've tried compiling, failed,
> and given up).

Hmm, the discussion about distributing fresh unstable builds seemed to
fetter away last time I believe...

Is somebody could give me a place on an FTP server to stick vmware
images, I'd be happy to build GNOME every 2.odd.x release. I could put a
page about downloading and installing these and vmware on the wiki also.

I see this being built on Ubuntu, for ease and so they can get bug
reports also. A better solution may be to use a distribution where you
can choose *only* the components needed, such as gentoo or LFS, but I
see this as being too time consuming...

Conditional on getting Garnome to build however, I find it a bit of a

Love, Karderio

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