Re: Different types of link

> --- Joachim Noreiko <jnoreiko yahoo com> wrote:
> > The third type of link is one to a different
> > document.
> > I have no idea if this is possible, but I think it
> > is
> > needed.
> > An example: we recently had a patch for the manuals
> > of
> > two panel applets. The patch update the explanation
> > of
> > how to add the applet to the panel. The extra
> > material
> > was the same for both documents.
> > The method of adding an applet to the panel is also
> > explained in the desktop guide (or it should be).
> > If the help for each panel applet could link to that
> > section of the desktop guide,  we'd only have one
> > piece of text to maintain when it changes in the
> > future. Users wouldn't notice the difference; if
> > anything, it would be better for users because there
> > is less risk of some applets' helpfiles having out
> > of
> > date instructions.
> > 
> > What do you all think?
> > Should I file an enhancement request for generating
> > section numbers on link in print?
> > What about making links to other documents?

There is a page on "Cross Referencing Other Documentation" here :
I haven't tested any of this, mind.

I would like to move the section "To Format a Floppy Diskette" in "Using
Removable Media" from the Nautilus guide
(".../gnome-user-docs/gnome2-user-guide/gosnautilus.xml", "F1" in
Nautilus) to the GFloppy manual. The details in the Nautilus guide are
missing from the GFloppy manual and I believe them to be superfluous in
the Nautilus Docs, I would like to provide just a link to the GFloppy

Which brings up the links between documentation question : do they work,
are they a good idea or should they be avoided ?

Does anyone object to moving this documentation, is this a bad idea ?
Could I just do the mods, file a bug/patch and play it from there ?

Love, Karderio 

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