String changes in gnome-panel


I'm committing a patch with some string changes:

  + the "Log Out" menu item now shows the username ("Log Out %s"), and
    the tooltip for this menu item also shows it. However, there's a
    special string that translators can use to disable this behavior
    if it doesn't make sense in their language. Comments were added to
    explain this. (3 strings)

  + the accelerator for "Lock To Panel" (in the context menu of all
    panel objects) has been changed ("_Lock To Panel" => "Loc_k To
    Panel") (1 string)

  + the description for the launchers in the "add to panel" dialog has
    been enhanced (1 string)

  + some orientation/size strings now use a context, as requested by
    some translators (11 strings)

  + the tooltip for the places menu has been simplified (1 string)


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