String changes to procman


I've just committed a patch to procman aka gnome-system-monitor. It
fixes an I18N plural handling issue reported by Slobodan D. Sredojevic.
For further details see:

Doc people:
All tabs of the preferences dialog have been altered slightly.

Old messages:
#: ../src/procdialogs.c:605 ../src/procdialogs.c:712
msgid "_Update interval:"

#: ../src/procdialogs.c:800
msgid "Update _interval:"

#: ../src/procdialogs.c:626 ../src/procdialogs.c:729 ../src/procdialogs.c:816
msgid "seconds"

New message:
#: ../src/procdialogs.c:605 ../src/procdialogs.c:708 ../src/procdialogs.c:793
msgid "_Update interval in seconds:"

-- Frank

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