It seems there are several forms of layout in the XML files, tabulation
wise, one rather spaced out as in gosbasic.xml and one gosnautilus.xml.

Is there, and if not is it advisable to have, a consensus on how to
tabbulate the documentation XML files ?

I've looked at XML files in GNOME generally, and the layout is *very*
vairied, some useing tabs, some spaces, and some all on one line. I also
discovered that by replacing the eight spaces gconf uses to tabulate
it's XML files with tabs you save roughly 2% space (for my directory) in
~/.gconf, bet you didn't know that ! :)

You've guessed it, I'm a bit of a consistency freak, I'm not suggesting
a standard for .C file indentation at all, just for documentation XML.
This would be a particulary interesting guideline for people writing
progams that output XML documentation files.

Love, Karderio

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