string change announcement in gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary

Hi all.

The following translatable strings have been changed/added to
gnome-utils/gnome-dictionary, inside the src/gdict-applet.c file:

# these are tooltips of the window widgets
gdict-applet.c:327 "Clear the definitions found"
gdict-applet.c:341 "Print the definitions found"
gdict-applet.c:355 "Save the definitions found"

# these are the ATK name and description of the applet's toggle button
gdict-applet.c:491 "Toggle dictionary window"
gdict-applet.c:492 "Show or hide the definition window"

# this is the tooltip of the same toggle button
gdict-applet.c:495 "Click to view the dictionary window"

# this is the tooltip of the applet's entry
gdict-applet.c:554 "Type the word you want to look up"

# this is the main text of an error dialog
gdict-applet.c:720 "There was an error while displaying help"

# this is the main text of an error dialog
gdict-applet.c:1167 "Unable to load the applet icon"

For the documentation team: the applet has changed back to the
"icon-first-entry-last" layout for window clipping reasons; the images
for the manual inside help/C will be updated as soon as possible.  I
also plan to finish the user's manual this week-end.


Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>

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