String changes to gcalctool.


According to the Jan 2nd 2006 entry on:

I need to inform you on some string changes that have just
been checked into CVS HEAD for the gcalctool module.

These are covered by bug #323149

Gcalctool now uses the Unicode symbols for division, multiplication,
plus/minus, minus and square root. Thanks to Wouter Bolsterlee for
this work.

I've left gettext wrappers around these strings, so that translators
can do their thing, but it's been suggested that as these are standard
Unicode characters, this shouldn't really be needed.

Please advise if that is the case and I'll adjust accordingly.


PS: I've also added an entry to bug #309210 (the placeholder for all
    the changes that need to be done to the gcalctool online help to
    get it in sync with the latest version).

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