UI Changes to fix bug#246237

Patch for bug#246237 has been committed. 

It has the following string changes in UI.

      * Compose a message/Compose Message    (In title bar)
      * Spell Check Document/Check Spelling    (In Edit menu)
      * Plain text/Plain Text    (In Format > Style menu)
      * Strikeout/Strikethrough    (In Format > Style menu)
      * Preformat/Preformatted    (In Format > Heading menu)
      * Text file/Text File   (in Insert menu)
      * HTML file/HTML File   (in Insert menu)
      * Smiley/Emoticon   (in Insert menu)
      * Oh no!/Oh No!   (in Insert > Smiley menu)
      * Find And Replace/Find and replace  (Toolbar button tooltip)
      * Insert image into document/Insert image (Toolbar button tooltip)
      * Insert HTML link into document/Insert link (Toolbar button
      * Insert rule into document/Insert rule (Toolbar button tooltip)
      * Insert table into document/Insert table (Toolbar button tooltip)


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